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Mushroom Pieces

Mushroom Pieces - Freeze Dried Mushroom Pieces - Freeze Dried
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Simply mushrooms. Nothing else!

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Family Size (#10)
0.17 oz, 27 servings - ½ cup each
Retail Price: USD 42.39

USD 42.39

USD 35.99

Pantry Can
0.05 oz, 8 servings - ½ cup each
Retail Price: USD 15.89

USD 15.89

USD 13.49

Case (6 Cans)
1.02 oz, 162 servings - ½ cup each
Retail Price: USD 241.39

USD 241.39

USD 205.19

Pantry Can (10 Pack)
0.5 oz, 80 servings - ½ cup each
Retail Price: USD 150.89

USD 150.89

USD 128.19

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Made with Mushroom Pieces - Freeze Dried
THRIVE Cream of Mushroom Soup

THRIVE freeze-dried mushroom pieces are a distinct and flavorful vegetable that will help you reach your health goals. Incorporating THRIVE Mushroom Pieces into your daily diet will support your immune system, allowing you to feel fit and strong.

THRIVE Mushroom Pieces rehydrate quickly so you can use them in place of fresh mushrooms in any recipe. Try using THRIVE Mushroom Pieces for a topping on your favorite pasta and pizza. The rich, bold taste will amaze you!

  •  Certified gluten-free
  •  NO GMOs: no bioengineered ingredients
  •  NO artificial colors or flavors

4 Easy Ways to Thrive


Closed: 25 years*
*Shelf life based on optimal storage conditions.


Serving Size: ½ cup

Family Size (#10): 27 servings
Pantry Can: 8 servings



All products are processed in facility that handles milk, egg, soy, wheat and tree nut products.

Country of origin: United States, India
  • Snack from the can
  • Add into soups, pasta sauce and stir fry
  • Great in stews, Strogonoff, and atop pizza

Snack on dry or to refresh, add ⅓ cup of water to 1 cup of mushrooms and soak until tender. Or simply toss into any creation, and off you go!


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